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Transforming the way you observe your work and play everyday…

What makes a woman who’s struggled and worked hard to reach the higher rungs of the Corporate Mortgage Banking and Real Estate Industry making “crazy money”, walk away from it all? As I will tell you, “I was busy climbing the corporate ladder, and as I was reaching the top, I discovered the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.

As a result, I walked away from it all and got back to the basics; I am a key strategist in a few separate companies. One is designed to be an independent resource putting the relationship back where it belongs; before transactions, M Resolution Group., a luxury auction platform. The other provides strategic blueprints, coaching and training for entrepreneurs and enterprises,

With over 31 years of experience training and motivating sales professionals, lending and creating financial strategies while producing north of $4.5 billion of funded transactions, and 2.5 Billion of Real Estate sold, it’s safe to say “i have seen it all and am still surprised by human spirit and innovation.”

I now spend my day showing her clients how to realize their dreams, changing how they view their client relationships, their businesses, and how to build a sustainable strategic plan for the future. To know me is to know that I am tenacious, driven and compassionate person, who inspires people to see “what is possible for themselves and their lives”.

I believe that we are all far more capable of achieving our goals and dreams than we ever thought possible, we simply have to be aware of the opportunities that lie in front of us at any given time and be willing to act on them.

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