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My consulting methodology is founded on Ontology, which focuses on the fundamental nature of the subject of inquiry, be it problems, processes, or people. When it comes to people, my approach involves gaining a profound understanding of their innate abilities and instincts and acquired behaviors. Armed with this insight, I help my clients attain sustainable breakthroughs. My areas of expertise include executive in residence, advisory board, business strategies, go-to-market strategies, payments innovation, digital currency strategies, and blockchain.


Develop a series of 90 day sprints to accelerate product or sales funnel.

Market Research

Competitive Landscape, First to Market,  First to Innovate Research 

Executive in Residence 

CEO, CSO, CRO or Key Advisor, available for engagement.

Virtual Sales

Channel Development and Go To Market Strategies.


Jessica Belair

Creative Director, Brand & Product Strategy

If you're a professional seeking career advancement and thought leadership developing a standout personal brand is critical.

The process of executive branding involves creating an image that effectively communicates your unique value proposition, setting you apart from the competition in your industry. With Jessica's years of experience and proven strategies, you can build a dynamic and compelling executive brand that authentically showcases your expertise and bolsters your professional reputation.

By leveraging your strengths and employing effective branding strategies, you'll be branded as a true standout, allowing you to unlock a world of exciting possibilities and endless opportunities.


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