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"I have a passion for engaging in deep and meaningful conversations. I find great value in thought-provoking questions and my intuition enables me to explore topics, emotions, and feelings that prompt others to pause and contemplate the impact of our discussions.

"I have a keen interest in delving deep into other people's perceptions and stories, especially those that may be limiting their personal or professional growth. As a skilled storyteller, I draw from real-life experiences and provide anecdotes that are often accompanied by valuable life lessons. Having delivered keynotes and training to numerous sales professionals, I have a vast collection of stories and insights to share. Being a southern girl, I value hard work and always strive to infuse humor into my presentations, leaving the audience inspired and motivated to achieve beyond their perceived limitations."

"I cover a wide range of topics, including developing 90-day game plans, effective listening techniques, the consultative approach to sales, building lasting relationships, and leveraging professional referrals through channel partners. Additionally, I address more technical topics such as go-to-market and channel development, building a subscriber and member-driven model, digital-first banking platform innovations, digital currency and payment innovation, and  Web3."

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