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I love to talk...not just empty chatter, I love meaningful conversations, deep thought provoking questions and along the way my intuitive sense has allowed me to tap into topics, emotions and feelings, that cause people to stop and consider what it is I am saying and how that might impact them.

I dive deep into other peoples' perceptions, stories they have to share and stories they may be running that keeps them watching reruns in their life and business. I  am a storyteller, providing real life experiences that usually have anecdotal life lessons tied to them - And some of them you just cannot make up.


So yes I have delivered training, keynotes and inspirational talks to several thousand sales professionals during my time here on planet earth...and have so many more stories and ah ha's to share. 


I am a southern girl who believes in having a solid work ethic is key and I do my best to share those moments where finding the humor in the life lessons learned equals pay dirt. I am hands-on with the topics I cover and it is always my intention to leave the audience feeling inspired to achieve more than they ever thought they were capable of.

Topics Include: 

  • 90-Day Game Plans

  • Listening; Its not what you say, Its what they hear

  • The Consultative Approach to Sales

  • Building Relationships that Last

  • Channel Partners How to Leverage Professional Referrals

Addressing a more technical focus; 

  • Go To Market and Channel Development 

  • Building a Subscriber and a Member driven Model

  • Digital First Banking Platform Innovations

  • Digital Currency and Payment Innovation

  • MetaVerse and Web3

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