Sharing key Insights to create lasting 
breakthroughs in business, sales or life
The kind of questions  you ask yourself when exploring whether or not to engage a coach/consultant...
Do I have a clear vision & mission?
Am I focused on the right things?
How and where do I start?
Are the right people on my team? 
Am I making good use of my time?
Am I following my instincts or just a checklist?
What is my unfair competitive advantage?
These are normal questions to ask in a time where market forces require organizations and entrepreneurs be flexible and adaptable 
and they cant do that while working in silos...


My services are offered to enterprises, entrepreneurs, and individuals. I work in different capacities based on need; pre-business launch to “in-the-trenches” momentum, all the while adjusting strategy and tactics, to create increased performance, productivity and profit. My practice  is ontologically based and query driven. 


My primary focus is guiding  leaders and entrepreneurs to build intention-based businesses, this means I teach clients to harness their natural instincts and unique abilities to facilitate and maximize business growth leveraging their specific talents and skills.


No two leaders, teams or sales people are alike; acknowledging this distinction is what makes my coaching style unique.  I believe that success lies in “who we are being”, not just “what we are doing." Coaching to the human soul uncovers new ways of being, observation, learning and collaborating.   


My background includes organizational development, business and financial strategies, technology and innovation strategies including first to market, first to innovate, ontological coaching, communication skills and in-depth training in spiritual psychology, language and listening.




How I Can

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