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Ms. Shelly Cofini has been a tremendous asset to NAHREP Orange County/NAHREP Inland Empire. Besides the mundane contributions of employing her vast data base to promote the organizations and moderating our Annual Planning Retreats, her insightful thoughts launch the non-profits to a higher level. Working side by side in seminars and board meetings opened the doors of seeing her high energy level with a dedication of passion and professionalism in assisting her clients. RESCUE and NAHREP Inland Empire will continue to seek her input and guidance for infrastructure format, goal attainments and clarity in growing the organizations.

Antonio Cirilo Perez Jr. 安东尼奥・佩雷斯

Grass does not grow long under Shelly Cofini’s feet, an intelligent woman of great strides she is a fast moving entrepreneur with integrity that is unyielding, she leads with efficiency and resourcefulness. As an expert leader in the luxury industry that is at times demanding of the “ungettable gets” Shelly defies the impossible and delivers every time. As an entrepreneur Shelly is a star athlete in one of the most compelling industries today,, what is and what can be - will happen with her on your team.

Kathy Marino

OC Fashion Week

Shelly Cofini has a phenomenal wealth of knowledge in loans, real estate, and long-term wealth strategies and always stays on the cutting edge of what is going on. She’s a great business coach and can help any type of business with growth strategies and is worth every dollar spent.

Sheri Braemer

San Diego, CA

Shelly is a true expert. I have seen few people with such forward insight, a perceptive ability, and business acumen for providing a company, and individuals the knowledge they need and the ability to grow. She is a valuable asset and a critical resource.

Iris De La Rosa

Irvine, CA

Shelly is a great business consultant, strategist, real estate practitioner and marketing expert. I have taken her classes and have witnessed Shelly facilitate a strategic planning session and training events. I would highly recommend her if you need advise on taking your business to the next level or implementing new strategies to improve your business. Shelly is also a life coach and can provide great advice on how to deal with the many challenges we face in our personal lives as well as professional lives. I highly recommend Shelly.

Eric Lawrence Frazier, M.B.A

Huntington Beach, CA

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