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Keeping it Real

New year, new me, new do, wow so many changes coming in all at once. How do I stay grounded. By setting boundaries around my daily rituals that are in fact my space, my time, and sometimes shared. Meaning my morning meditation time, reading and journaling time. Then I start my day. Standing...the standup desk has helped immensely in keeping me focused and staying on point with time sensitive tasks. Towards the end of the day there is more ritual, gym time, short walk and back home, cool shower to end the day. What are the rituals you are committed to daily? Do you have healthy boundaries around them? or can you get derailed when a friend calls and says...lets go to happy hour...Our boundaries, daily rituals and staying grounded are keys to productivity, creativity and innovation. Want to stay in the game in a meaningful way...find your way back to your daily rituals. and If you don't have some, create them ASAP. Choose Powerfully...what you want to create for yourself and those that share your world. You'll be so glad you did. By the way there is a great book on Boundaries if you need help in this area. Just click on the picture below...worth the the read.


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