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New Year New Start or New Re-start

So often times we get so busy in our doingness, we forget who we are being. Autopilot, is a dangerous zone to operate in since much of our life runs in that zone, driving the kids to school, the route we take to work, our morning rituals, even our procrastinations can be on autopilot. So maybe it is time to switch it up? What areas in your life need a refresh or restart button? Usually by this time we've blown the resolutions we set the day after the day after New Years. Maybe we hit restart there? What other areas are you watching reruns? Is it procrastination? complaining? negative self talk? comfort seeking food habits? retail therapy? avoidance? These are some really good places to start, shake it up a bit, start a new habit, take a new route, look something as simple as brushing your teeth with your non-dominate hand can rewire your owe it to yourself, you are the only you, you've got. Fresh starts can be fun even adventurous too. Try a new route, new coffee shop, new morning ritual, new food choices, new music, new yoga class or place to run, new anything, over time builds a new choose you...and choose powerfully to be in alignment with what you value most in the world.

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