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Have you been watching reruns?

People repeat behavior, we are creatures of habit, we repeat even that which doesn’t work, because it offers security and familiarity. Doing the same thing results in a known outcome; and we unwittingly believe that predictability will always be masqueraded as effectiveness. When you move beyond a familiar pattern, you may experience anxiety, be judgmental, be hard on yourself and live in fear of the unknown.

Repetition reinstate’s the security of the familiar, even if the repetition is limiting or frustrating. By opting for repetition, people sabotage innovation and ultimately imprison their own creativity. Stuck behavior has stuck consequences. Staying in a rut long enough may begin to seem like your fate. That outlook can lead to frustration even depression. Remember the phrase “what you think about, you bring about”.

The ultimate question about our fixed beliefs or “stuckness” is:

How does it serve or enhance us? Hmmm. Does it work? My answer is no, it brings about stress, dissatisfaction, fatigue and lends itself to avoidance.

Change may be difficult, but it begins with the understanding that you are the author/architect of your own life story. You have a choice, the world isn’t happening to you, the choices you have made have led you to the results you are getting. Hmmm, how’s that for owning it?

Insight, understanding, and theory do not create change. New theories alone will not drive old lived experiences or ways of being into extinction. Lasting change requires new lived experiences, new muscle memory to replace old experiences – you invested a lot of years in the old system, and old patterns and you will have to practice the new stuff as hard as you practiced the old stuff.

But change can happen, if you simply choose. So What is it you really want?


1. What do you want to change? 2. What do you want to outgrow? 3. What do you want to avoid? 4. What do you want to enhance?

Might be time to choose powerfully? Oh and stop watching reruns too…

Let me know if I can help?

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