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Are You Willing to Tell the Microscopic Truth?

Ok, so it is time to get honest with yourself. Are you willing to tell the Microscopic Truth about what is happening in your practice day-to-day? Forget about your goals for a minute, and concentrate on getting really honest with your present situation. The truth about any situation is not what you want it to be. It isn’t what it should be.

It isn’t what it would have been. The truth is what it “is”. No amount of sugar-coating will make it anything different.

Take inventory of your present truth in these categories:

  1. Your physical self

  2. Your spiritual selfT

  3. Your financial self

  4. Your professional self

  5. Your personal self

Ask yourself these three questions for each category:

1. How do I perceive this area of my life?

2. How would I describe this area of my life if I were being completely honest to myself?

3. Are numbers 1 and 2 identical? (If they are, you are being honest with yourself. If they aren’t, it’s time to begin making them the same.)

Our success begins on the inside. I have often said it is not what you are doing, but who you are being in the process. If everyone understood the principles of personal achievement, who knows what we could achieve.

Isn’t it time you stop letting the future happen to you and start being the architect of how your business grows day-to-day. Co-creation is a simple as getting really straight on what it is you want and be willing to tell the microscopic truth about what you are doing or rather not doing to get you there.

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