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Thank you...

Up early this morning, being creative, writing, thinking and I thought that I would share my gratitude for an amazing year of transformation, revelation, discovery and sweetness. Thank you is one of my favorite phrases both to give and to receive. Funny how much pleasure can come from this and all at once how it can be discounted and dismissed as if the formality of its use has run its course. Thank you for me is like opening a present, especially when it comes in the form of a handwritten note.

I appreciate being appreciated. I think that most of us do.

Then I have to ask why is this simple gesture so often over-looked? Sure we remember when we want to make a good impression. We remember when we are after something we really want. Why then do we forget to say thank you when it matters most? When the thought or act of kindness or the gesture or share was meaningful. When the listening or advice meant so much to us at the time. We forget. Yet awkwardly admit we love to hear it, receive it, open the card when it comes with excitement. Because feeling appreciated means to us; it was worth the effort to go out of our way, to take the extra step, to be thoughtful in return, to acknowledge, to notice…to be present to another divine being having a human experience and know that we are all connected.

This week I received a thank you video card, it was as good an experience for me as opening that handwritten note. I could see and hear the person acknowledging my effort, my work, my words of wisdom and she wanted me to know how much she appreciated my effort. How very cool is that? “I thought”. So much so that I watched it twice. Then I showed it to my boyfriend and emailed to another friend, commenting on how cool the technology was that allowed her to do that and how nice it was to for me receive it.

Thank you will always be one of my favorite phrases. While it may be a courtesy, I recognize too that for some of us it is simply fuel to do more, be more, stretch and grow, show up and share and to be great, greater or the best version of ourselves at the time.

Today, I want to take the time to say Thank you. To all of you without whom I could not do what it is I do.

I say thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart and with gratitude.

In Service.

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