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What are you thinking?

Happy Monday…big week ahead and lots of shifts occurring. This week lets talk about the thoughts your thinking, and your complaining. The universal law of attraction says that thoughts become things or better said; what you think about, you bring about. This is so true in everything we do. When we are positive in our outlook, opportunities show up, when we are negative we simply get more of the same. Last week we touched on what it is like swimming up stream, being out of the natural flow of things, forcing things to happen versus allowing. There is a similar theme here, if all you are focused on is what is wrong with your world, the people, the delays, the setbacks, the distractions guess what you are inadvertently creating? Yep…You got it, more of the same, more of those moments, more of those kinds of feelings….being defeated, or even worse the victim… Its very subtle and easy to adjust, just a shift in your language, focus and gratitude. The most powerful phrase you can use with anything you want to create starts with the words “I am”. This simple phrase sets in motion the collaboration of the universe, opportunities and people to work toward your benefit. So every time you catch yourself in a defeating conversation, thought or complaint. Stop it…reframe with a positive “I Am” statement, and see how quickly the shift occurs with your focus, thoughts and actions.

This week take some time to look at;

  1. The conversations you are having with yourself? are they positive or mostly negative?

  2. The conversations that you have with others? are they geared towards gratitude or whats wrong with everything or everyone? Are you trying to be right or just being righteous? There is a huge cost to this…

  3. Are people and opportunities presenting themselves or are the just out of your reach?

There is a great video that I think sums up….Stinking Thinking and how to fix it…so take a look and let me know what you think?

Thoughts become things so choose them powerfully.

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