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Let’s talk about not giving up….anything that’s really worth having, is worth working for, I mean really working for..sometimes the work is easy work and sometimes it’s excruciating. Often times the payoff is not the prize, the check, the win, the deal but rather the journey and yes, the learning, and then the feeling you get completing what you started. Nail the finish… Hmmm Learning? what we learn about ourselves, what we learn about the people we connect with and most important what we learn about people we love the most, including ourselves. Do you feel supported? Do you feel Powerful? There are lots of reasons why we want to quit, and often it may look like there are not as many great reasons to persevere. If you want to blame something, blame the little voice in our head running wild, and for some of us, it’s running naked through the forest totally misbehaving too…Sometimes, that little voice helps you immensely and other times, it can totally derail you…

First thing you must remember…you don’t have to believe everything you think!!!! And Secondly, if you buy into the notion that you are an active co-creator of the world around you, then why would you want to screw yourself of a perfectly good fantasy? Dude, make it big, make it bold and for God’s sake, have fun with it. (Yes, I said Dude) The game you are playing was/is your choice right?

Consider this…when it’s stops becoming your choice you’ve got a racket running…a story, that just might be a really good fiction tall tale your telling yourself and quite possibly everyone around you. You can’t possibly blame everyone for setbacks or percieved failures, bad behavior and then be the sole author of your victory. Catch yourself in the act, take notice, be easy with yourself and dust yourself the fuck-off and get going.

Let’s look at the naughty little voice and some of the false truths it’s been whispering…or screaming depending on your vantage point.

Living in the past Dwelling on mistakes Needing Results Now Entitlement- feeling the world owes you something Overworked (consider over-responsibility) Fear of Failure Worse yet… Fear of Success Giving away your power Can’t see the big picture Setbacks are a sign to quit Feeling Powerless Resisting-which causes things to persist Playing small-keeping it safe You’ve stopped feeling that you are a rock star!!!!!!!!!!

That’s a pretty good list to start…Know this…The Ego will fight, fight, fight for security (the known), comfort (keep you watching reruns) and push back against change…(resistance)

So this week consider one question…What would my experience be like if I were more powerful than even I can imagine? What if you were unstoppable? and then make your choices to get into action from that space and that feeling.

Thoughts become things, so choose them powerfully!!!! Oh yea and Happiness, it’s a choice. (Thankyou…Aristotle)

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