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Right Brain, Left Brain? No Pain = Whole Brain

Creativity and Performance… the two should go hand-in-hand most of the time yet sometimes they don’t; why is that? Something to ponder; most entrepreneurs not all, are risk takers and inherent with the risk we are willing to take we are also idea creating machines or as I like to say ‘walking think tanks’. Creation is the fun part, its infectious actually, consider a not so new term “ideation” which is even better, a collective creating; in order to solve a problem, fill a need, tell a story or innovate. As entrepreneurs we thrive on this process, it captures our attention, causes our heart to race, gets us fired up and then… sometimes can even be the source of our procrastination. We get so busy creating new ways of doing things that we; well we forgot the doing part.

Performance is about delivering, or as the well-known football and quarterback coach Peter Vaas once told me, “it’s all about completion”.

So many cliché’s in our language to demonstrate this in branding, business, sports, life and yes, even in real estate.

Just do it

Will to win


Rise to the Occasion

In the bag

A Winning streak

Sky’s the limit

Or my personal favorite “nail the finish”

In our day-to-day, we need to look at creativity and performance and measure them both accurately. Do we really need a new way of capturing a clients attention? Or do we just need to deliver what it is we said we would do. Do we need to build a better mouse trap? Or do we just need to have a system that allows us to duplicate results consistently. Are we busy creating new ways of getting noticed? or are we busy getting noticed for getting things done. I’ve always said there should be a balance between “working on your business” and “in your business”, one is brand building and prospecting, the other is performing…Yes, It’s all about completion.

The creative process for most entrepreneurs is the “juice”…its what keeps us going, innovating, and sometimes that can change the world or at the least the world around you.

Guy Kawasaki calls it "Jumping Curves", Innovation is critical to start-ups and businesses that plateau, below is a link where he discusses; The 10 most important things to getting started...

And yes it is time take a look at what has captured your attention most; is it the art of creation or the act of completion? One lights you up, the other gets you paid. Find the Balance.

Thoughts become things, so choose them powerfully.

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