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Are you connected

Staying in touch…its always a challenge, reaching out to people you’ve been meaning to contact or feeling hesitant because its been too long since you’ve last spoke. Staying in touch is work no doubt, however it is a necessary part of your everyday perfect day plan. Staying connected, reaching out, keeping people informed, just touching base, thought you would enjoy this article, thinking of you…any one of these statements are great starting points. What if you were really honest and said something like, “its been too long and I feel responsible for not staying connected, your a valued contact/friend/client..let me make it up to with a coffee date, or this article or tip…that might be of interest. Either way its up to you…if you want to stay connected, you have to take action. When you do, you will find that people want to be connected with you too…everytime.

This weeks focus;

1. Post something of value to your social sphere.

2. Find an article that’s informative to share.

3. Own up to your lack of follow up and reach out to someone you’ve been meaning to connect with.

4. Make a call or two to a total stranger that you feel could connect you in a valuable way to someone or something.

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